Would you be better off on a universal basic income?

Many people will be better off with a net UBI of $300 per week, answer the questions to see if you are one of them.

My UBI was created by Peter Brake (Accountant) who has been involved with various global organisations in education & the modelling of UBI funding alternatives.


We do not record any personally identifiable information.
Including interest and dividends
Single Super is $21,177, Married is $17,446
Unemployment Gross is $12,209
Include rent received / partnership income etc.
Mortage/interest/rent/non GST payments
Include farmers markets, car loan payments & cash purchases with no GST
Are you registered for KiwiSaver?
The proposed payment amount in this calculator is $18,000 per year. If you had your current job, would you leave that job if you received a UBI?
How much do you spend on petrol/diesel per week
How much would you save of your total income given a UBI of $18,000 per year
$ gain per year
Basic Income Income Tax Super Clawback Additional GST Carbon Tax Carbon Dividend Better Off Yearly
Tax Exempt
All tax increased
Flat Tax Rate
No attempt has been made to calculate the cost to you of a capital gains or wealth tax.
Include a Wealth Tax / Capital gain and Superannuation Clawback for funding the UBI?
Carbon tax and citizen's dividend
What percentage of the carbon dividend to be donated to the Global Environment Fund?
Global Environment Fund will be Billion
What percentage of the $18,000 do you think you would spend?
Please review the result page making sure that the above questions suit you and help us by pushing save. The data on this results page with none of your personal details will be summarised and delivered to media and government.


For the purpose of this calculator the above results include a carbon tax and superannuation clawback as this is an advantage to the majority of people. Answering no in the above questions will show you how these taxes affect you personally.


  • The tax exempt model increases GST tax to pay for a UBI and a tax free level of earnings of $100,000. The UBI amount has been increased by between $73 and $97 to pay for the cost increase the GST rise brings about.
  • The GST model increases GST tax to pay for a UBI. The UBI amount has been increased by between $31 and $61 to pay for the cost increase the GST rise brings about.
  • The all tax increased increases all tax by the same percentage to pay for a UBI of $300 per week.
  • A flat rate of tax for all earners paying for a UBI of $300 per week.

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